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HOMILY PENTECOST SUNDAY – YEAR A Living the Paschal Mystery as a Personal Pentecost (Acts 2:1-11; Psalm 104; 1 Cor 12:3-7, 12-13; John 20:19-23) ******************************************************* A missionary in China was approached by an elder who told him, “Reverend Father, I have no trouble understanding God the Father, and I have no trouble understanding God the […]

St Augustine of Canterbury

HOMILY EASTER SEASON WEEK 07 06 – Year I The Teachings of St. Paul and Marriage Encounter: Optional Memorial of St. Augustine of Canterbury (Acts 28:16-20; Ps 11; Jn 21:20-25) ************************************************** At one point during a marriage encounter weekend, couples are asked to focus on their spouse’s most endearing quality. Having heard the first reading, […]

St. Philip Neri

HOMILY EASTER SEASON WEEK 07 05 – Year I On Love as Faith, Forgiveness and Following: Optional Memorial of St. Philip Neri (Acts 24:27, 25:13-21; Ps 103; Jn 21:15-19) ************************************************** The readings today would fit well a feast for Peter and Paul, as they feature these two pillars of the early church. The readings also […]

Blessed Louis-Zéphirin Moreau

HOMILY EASTER SEASON WEEK 07 03 – Year I Important Words of Departure: Optional Memorial of Blessed Louis-Zéphirin Moreau and World Day of Prayer for the Church in China (Acts 20:28-38; Ps 68; Jn 17:11-19) ************************************************** When someone is leaving us whom we know we will never see again, or dying, we tend to hang […]

St. Paul

HOMILY EASTER SEASON WEEK 07 02 – Year I St. Paul – a Model Missionary: (Acts 20:17-27; Ps 68; Jn 17:1-11) ********************************************** What does it mean to be a model missionary? St Paul, in today’s readings, is our model. A captive to the Spirit, he spent his life testifying to the Good News of the […]

St. Rita of Casia

HOMILY EASTER WEEK 07 01 – Year I Faith, Praise, Evangelization and Persecution: Optional Memorial of St. Rita of Cascia (Acts 19:1-8; Ps 68; Jn 16:29-33) ********************************************** Welcome to the Upper Room. The readings today, as we wait in a week-long vigil for Pentecost, prepare us for a life of joyful praise, courageous evangelization, and […]


ASCENSION OF THE LORD – YEAR A The Ascension – Part of an Exodus Journey and Paschal Mystery Experience (Acts 1:1-11; Ps 46; Eph 1:17-23; Mt 28:16-20) ************************************************************* Are you aware that the feast of the Ascension we celebrate today is the fifth stage of a six-stage Exodus Journey and Paschal Mystery healing experience? This […]

St. Bernardine of Sienna

HOMILY EASTER SEASON WEEK 06 06 – Year I Living the Mysterium Tremendum: Optional Memorial of St. Bernardine of Sienna (Acts 18:23 -28; Ps 47; Jn 16:23-28) ********************************************** Do you see yourself as walking in the “Way of the Lord?” Actually, we are the descendants of those who did, called to live the Mysterium Tremendum, […]


HOMILY EASTER SEASON WEEK 06 05 – Year I Empowered to Evangelize (Acts 18:9-18; Ps 47; Jn 16:20-23a) ************************************************** For the fifth time this week, the same refrain begins the Gospel: Jesus knowing the time had come for him to depart from this world and return to the Father. Once again, all that transpires in […]

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