Faith-Forgiveness-Glory-St. Jane de Chantal

HOMILY WEEK 19 03 – Year II Faith, Forgiveness, Healing, Glory and the Kingdom of God: Optional Memorial of St. Jane Frances de Chantal (Ezk 9:1-7; 10:18-22; Ps 113; Mt 18:15-20) ********************************************************* Five words and their inter-relationship that capture the essence of the readings today are faith, forgiveness, healing, glory and the kingdom of God. […]

Faith-Radical Discipleship-Redemptive Suffering-St. Sixtus & Companions

HOMILY WEEK 18 05 – Year II Radical Discipleship and Redemptive Suffering: Optional Memorial of St. Sixtus II and his Companions (Nahum 1:15, 2:2, 3:1-7; Dt 32:35-41; Mt 16:24-28) ******************************************************* When asked to address a Christian Business Men’s Association breakfast just before Holy Week one year, I decided to speak about Radical Discipleship and Redemptive […]

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