HOMILY EASTER SEASON WEEK 03 06 – Year II Getting in God’s Wheelbarrow (Acts 9:31-43; Ps 116; Jn 6:53, 60-69) *********************************************** A man asked his friends if they believed he could push a wheelbarrow on a high wire over Niagara Falls. When they replied they did not, he told them to watch, and he did […]

Saul’s Transformation

HOMILY EASTER SEASON WEEK 03 05 – Year II Saul’s Transformative Vision Quest (Acts 9:1-20; Ps 117; Jn 6:52-59) ******************************************** From 1983 to 1988, the Oblate Lebret Task Force organized a series of four-day fasts at late elder Mike Steinhauer’s home in Saddle Lake (onihcikiskwapiwin). We went without food or water for about 72 hours. […]

Blessed Marie-Anne Blondin

HOMILY EASTER SEASON WEEK 03 04 – Year II On Being Missionary Disciples: Optional Memorial of Blessed Marie-Anne Blondin (Acts 8:26-40; Ps 66; Jn 6:44-51) ********************************************* Do you see yourself as a missionary disciple? That is what Pope Francis challenges us to be constantly. In today’s first reading, Philip can serve as a model for […]

St. Kateri Tekakwitha

HOMILHY EASTER SEASON WEEK 03 03 – Year II Our Deepest Yearning: Memorial of St. Kateri Tekakwitha (Acts 8:1-8; Ps 66; Jn 6:35-40) **************************************** Karl Rahner famously stated: “In the torment of the insufficiency of everything attainable, we finally learn that here in this life all symphonies must remain unfinished.” That raises the question, “What […]

St. Stephen

HOMILY EASTER SEASON WEEK 03 02 – Year II Living Without Blinders  (Acts 7:51-8:1a; Ps 31; Jn 6:30-35) ************************************************** Carol, a friend whom I have known for years, shared something with me recently that I did not know and had not noticed about her – she has been living without sight in her left eye […]

Paradigm shift

HOMILY EASTER SEASON WEEK 03 01 – Year II Living the New Paradigm of Eternal Life (Acts 6:8-15; Ps 119; Jn 6:22-29) ********************************************* Sister of Charity Elaine Biolo once offered a course on faith and culture at Newman Theological College in which she explained how the sociological term “new paradigm” applies to our faith. She […]

Easter Forgiveness

HOMILY EASTER SUNDAY 3 B Believe, Repent and Proclaim (Acts 3:13-15; 17-19; Ps 4; 1 Jn 2:1-5; Lk 24:35-48) ****************************************** An elderly lady was mailing a bible and when asked by the clerk if there was anything breakable in the package, responded, “Only the10 Commandments.” The gospel today notes interestingly that Jesus “opened the minds […]

St. Martin I

HOMILY EASTER SEASON WEEK 02 06 Balancing Grace and Glory, Prayer and Ministry: Optional Memorial of St. Martin I (Acts 6:1-6; Ps 33; Jn 6:16-21 ************************************************* The New Interpreters Bible commentary on the gospel offers us the idea of balancing grace and glory in our lives, as Jesus did. The first reading adds the dimension […]

Multiplication of the Loaves

AAHOMILY EASTER SEASON WEEK 02 05 – Year II Teach, Proclaim and Live (Acts 5:34-42; Ps 27; Jn 6:1-15) ***************************************************** Do you see yourself as a teacher and proclaimer of faith? The readings today invite us to imitate the early apostles in teaching about, and proclaiming, Jesus as the Messiah. To teach and proclaim Jesus […]

St. Stanislaus

HOMILY EASTER SEASON WEEK 02 04 – Year II Transformative Faith Transforming Life: Optional Memorial of St. Stanislaus (Acts 5:27-33; Ps 34; Jn 3:31-36) ***************************************************** We are invited by today’s readings for Thursday of the second week of Easter to allow our faith in the Risen Lord, fill us with love and transform us into […]

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