Faith-Holy Spirit-Word of God

HOMILY EASTER SEASON WEEKDAY 06 02 – Year II Servants of the Word (Acts 16:22-34; Ps 138: Jn 16:5-11) ******************************************************* “Jesus knew that his hour had come to depart from this world, and to go to the Father.” This statement provides the background for the message from today’s readings: grounded in the love of Jesus […]

Faith-Holy Spirit- Hope

HOMILY EASTER SUNDAY 06 – A Living in the Spirit (Acts 8:5-8; 14-17; 1 Pt 3:15-18; Jn 14:15-21) ******************************************** Although we are a few weeks away from the celebration of Pentecost, it is as if the liturgists who chose the readings could not wait. The reception of the Holy Spirit is front and center in […]

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