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St. Thomas

HOMILY – FEAST OF ST. THOMAS, WEEK 13 03 – Year II Faith, Identity, Transformation and Mission (Eph 2:19-22; Ps 117; Jn 20:24-29) *********************************************************** A trip to Chenai, India, would not be complete without a visit to the tomb where tradition tells us St. Thomas is buried, after evangelizing and laying the foundations of the […]


HOMILY WEEK 13 02 – Year II Weathering Life’s Storms with Faith: (Amos 3:1-8; 4:11-12; Ps 5; Mt 8:23-27) *************************************** Have you ever been caught in a storm while boating? Today’s readings invite us to trust that Jesus can help us weather any storm in our lives. I remember one incident years ago on Lac […]


CANADA DAY HOMILY Be a Beatitude People (Is 56:1,6-7; Ps 84; Mt 5:1-12a) *************************************  Years ago, former sister Marge Denis, who ministered in the Northwest Territories, produced a slide series entitled the Beatitude People, which I purchased and used extensively in my own ministry. The readings on this Canada Day, invite us to be a […]


HOMILY SUNDAY 13 – B The Healing Power of Love (Wis 1:13-15, 2:23-24; 2 Cor 8:7, 9, 13-15; Mark 5:21-43) **************************************************** Have you ever seen the movie “Elephant Man?” That movie is a vignette of the gospel story we heard today, and carries a powerful message. Believe in the healing power of love and loving […]

St. Irenaeus

HOMILY WEEK 12 05 – Year II Faith in Jesus as Son of God and Experiencing Jesus as the Messiah: Memorial of St. Irenaeus (2 Kg 25:1-12; Ps 137; Mt 8:1-4) ********************************************************* Does the statement, “Jesus worked miracles, but he was not a miracle worker,” make sense to you? The gospel today invites us to […]

Covenant Love

HOMILY WEEK 12 04 – Year II Covenantal Love (2 Kg 22.8-13; 23:1-3; Ps119; Mt 7:15-20) ***************************************** A couple reminded me I had married them 36 years earlier and shared all was going well with their marriage covenant. This stirred up in me pleasant memories of the emotions connected with that event. There is something […]

The Golden Rule

HOMILY WEEK 12 02 – Year II Three Lessons Toward Eternal Life (2 Kg 19:9-36; Ps 48; Mt 7:6-14) *************************************** “Enter through the narrow gate, for the gate is wide and the road is easy that leads to destruction.” The readings today offer us three crucial lessons or teachings we are to live by to […]

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